"Mr. 02, you'll never make it through this course, you know why? It's not because you are fucking weak and have no fiber. It's because you're a crooked cop, Mr. 02, and to wear this badge (taps the skull badge) you gotta have character. You don't belong here, Mr. 02, you belong with the hookers and the pimps, Mr. 02. You belong with the abortion clinics. Crooked cops don't join BOPE, Mr. 02."
Capitão Nascimento, to one of his enlisted candidates during the training to join BOPE - Elite Squad

Capitão Nascimento or Roberto Nascimento is the main character of the Brazilian blockbusters Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, both directed & produced by the well-know Brazilian Director José Padilha

Elite SquadEdit

The first movie takes us back to 1997 when Roberto Nascimento, a guys who has been a captain of the Brazilian Special Forces (also referred as BOPE) for many years is choosing someone to replace him as he is planning to retire to spend time with his wife that is pregnant. Once the Pope decided to visit the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento is chosen to lead a Task Force to take out the drug dealers and clean the slums so the pope can visit it with safety.

Elite Squad - Trailer01:29

Elite Squad - Trailer

Elite Squad: The Enemy WithinEdit

The sequel take us 13 years after the events of the first movie. It all starts with Roberto Nascimento, now a Lieutenant-Colonel of BOPE, having to appeal to extreme measures during a riot inside of a high-security penitentiary in Rio de Janeiro and the consequences of the actions taken by his subordinates make him loose his position inside of the organization. However, due to his increased popularity, the former Capitão Nascimento is chosen by Rio's Governor to team-up with the secretary of security's intelligence office and develop an operation to take down the Militia inside the Rio's Police Department.

Elite Squad The Enemy Within - Official Trailer HD01:51

Elite Squad The Enemy Within - Official Trailer HD

Wagner MouraEdit

Wagner Moura is a Brazilain Actor born in 1976 in Salvador, BA, a city in the north-east cost of Brazil. He started to get famous nationwide due to his appearances in some famous Brazilian soap-operas, although what has really made him an icon of the Brazilian Fine Arts was his acting as Capitão Nascimento in Elite Squad. This acting also did put him in the spotlights of foreign producers and after the first Elite Squad, Moura was invited to take part in non-Brazilian productions like a supporting role in Elysium and as the protagonist of Netflix's Original Series: Narcos.

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